Our Menu

Flamed Platter(1:4)
Price: 1440
Jamaican Platter(1:4)
Price: 1520
Thai Platter(1:4)
Price: 1440
Flamed Platter(1:1)
Price: 360
Jamaican Platter(1:1)
Price: 380
Thai Platter(1:1)
Price: 360
Exclusive Dinner Platter (for 2 person)
Price: 1290
Exclusive Dinner Platter (for 3 person)
Price: 1890
Exclusive Dinner Platter (for 4person)
Price: 2490
Plain Rice Combo
Price: 460TK
Flame Grill with Butter Rice
Price: 290TK
Combo with 2 Curry
Price: 320TK
Combo with 3 curry
Price: 360TK