Our Menu

Mix Fried Rice
Price: 400TK
Chicken Chowmein
Price: 350Tk
Thai Soup with 2 pcs wonthon
Price: 170Tk
Thai clear soup 1:3
Price: 420 Tk
Corn Soup 1:3
Price: 360TK
Thai soup 1:3
Price: 400 Tk
Red Fried Chicken (6pcs)
Price: 460 Tk
Chicken Masala (6pcs)
Price: 440 Tk
Chicken Chili Onion
Price: 320Tk
Crispy Fried Chicken With 2 pcs wedge
Price: 110 Tk
Beef sizzling
Price: 520 Tk
Beef Oyster
Price: 520 Tk
T- bone steak ( served with butter rice and sauteed vegetables)
Price: 790 Tk
Mixed vegetables
Price: 32O TK
Mixed vegetables with Oyster Sauce
Price: 350Tk